Construction Contractor Reviews

construction contractor reviews

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Flood Zone Reconstruction Testimonials

Construction review

“The house was done exactly how we wanted, it was built to all Flood Standards and we were back home within a few short months.” – Melissa Heugle

contractor review

“We were using the state grant from the RREM Program… From the start I have felt nothing but trust, compassion and friendship.” – Madeline Noguera

reconstruction testimonial

“They were thorough in walkiing us through each step of the building process and always took the time to answer our questions.” – James Prestia

union beach recovery

A Union Beach family’s story of rebuilding on the Jersey Shore
Christine and Kevin Fredericks of Union Beach, NJ were as anyone could be when Superstorm Sandy hit in October of 2012. They left their home with just the clothes on their backs and returned to scale a mountain of debris in order to find anything salvageable. Their home however, had been lifted off its foundation, pushed 20 feet away and literally cracked in half.
The Fredericks family was fortunate enough to be covered by their insurance, but they still needed to rebuild their home. Christine’s cousin, also a Union Beach resident, had one of the few homes left standing in town after the storm. It had been built by McEvoy Homes, a local homebuilder. “That helped us, along with countless referrals from neighbores and friends, in our decision to choose a builder.”
The home builder, “… worked with us on every stage of construction and provided detailed explanations and itemized costs every step of the way. They helped us with everything from the paperwork to adding an elevator lift for Kevin’s mother, and they even planted the grass… They just made it happen.”
Back in their new elelvated home, the Fredericks family are now back on track and happily moving forward with their lives and that’s due in part to the help they received from McEvoy Homes and their team of professionals.

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