House Lifting Company NJ


The elevation of your home is just one phase of many in this RREM program. It’s important to know that we offer complete turnkey solutions for your RREM project. This will include all office coordination, RREM documentation and reviews, design, engineering, utility disconnect & reconnects and more. We thoroughly understand RREM documentation and have the experience to correctly process forms including invoicing and billing.

Now it’s time to lift, or is it? It is extremely important to understand the experience level of the company doing this phase of the elevation project. It is even more important to understand the level of experience of the company that will be working under the elevated home. There have been many home elevation disasters that could have been avoided if the contractors involved had the experience and safety standards needed in place ( See story from Asbury Park Press).

Elevating a home is a very specialized trade that is unique and takes a special skill set to perform. We have the skill set needed as well as the experience, knowledge and capacity to safely and effectively lift your home. An elevation project for most houses take 2 to 3 days, while the turnkey construction takes 3 to 4 months to complete.

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