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One of the best and most practical ways to insulate a residence against the effects of flooding, especially those in low-lying areas like the Jersey Shore, is the process of house lifting Monmouth county NJ or house raising Monmouth county NJ, which raises the level of the home by several feet to keep it out of harm’s way. Many residents of the areas hit hard by Superstorm Sandy like: Leonardo NJ, Keansburg NJ, Port Monmouth NJ, Highlands NJ , and the Atlantic Highlands NJ have taken steps to protect their homes from future catastrophes by adopting this method of house raising in Monmouth county NJ.

In the aftermath of this storm for the ages, the efficacy of house lifting Monmouth county NJ could not have been more starkly evident. There were shoreline homes which were devastated by the flooding, side-by-side with homes that had little to no damage because they had previously been raised above their original foundation levels.
House raising Leonardo NJ and house lifting Leonardo NJ can also be the first step toward relocating a home entirely to avoid flooding or rising water levels. Of course this would require purchasing a second lot where the home could be moved to, presumably on higher ground and relatively immune from shoreline damage. More often though, Jersey Shore residents have preferred to remain in place in the area they have grown up in and come to love throughout their lives, so house raising Leonardo NJ and house lifting Leonardo NJ is primarily done for the purpose of house elevation Leonardo NJ for the home, usually by seven to twelve feet.

The process for house lifting in Port Monmouth NJ and house raising Port Monmouth NJ is as follows.

To begin the process, excavation must be done around the foundation of a home, and holes must be made through the foundation so they can be used to insert steel beams through them. After beams are in place, the house lifting Port Monmouth NJ and house raising Port Monmouth NJ home is lifted by means of hydraulic jacks which are synchronized in their lift rates, so as to ensure that the house elevation Port Monmouth NJ is elevated uniformly on all sides, without racking. Racking will occur if extreme stress is placed on one side because of non-uniform lift rates, so this is a step which must be undertaken with great care.

Then the building is separated from its foundation, and in most cases an additional foundation of concrete block or poured concrete is added to the top of the existing foundation, which elevates the building to the desired new height. After the foundation has completely cured and is strong enough to support the weight that will be placed upon it, the house is then lowered back on to the new foundation, the beams are removed, and the lifting holes are again sealed up.

For most areas, local authorities must be consulted about house lifting Keansburg NJ and house raising Keansburg NJ to proper elevation heights, because they will recommend a specific height above sea level, e.g. eight to ten feet, and any elevation project must comply with this specification. A permit to do this work must also be obtained, and the plan for the project of house lifting Keansburg NJ and and house raising Keansburg NJ usually needs to be approved by the appropriate Monmouth county Building Department.

Other house lifting Atlantic Highlands NJ and house raising Atlantic Highlands NJ items to consider.
There are several other factors that should also be considered during the planning phase of a house raising Atlantic Highlands NJ project. Apart from the add-on foundation portion of the project, some thought should be given to new steps that will be needed on the home exterior, since the existing ones will no longer reach the ground. Porches and decks are also likely to be affected by the raising, and this should be discussed with the chosen contractor for your house lifting Atlantic Highlands NJ.

Utilities may be affected, such as electric, plumbing, gas, heating, and cooling systems, because there will be underground piping that enters the home in various locations, and these need to be accounted for during the lifting. Exterior siding and any foundation facade currently in place may require rework after the uplifting project. Not to be overlooked in all the material considerations are potential designer or architect fees, if required. Landscaping will certainly be necessary after the project, since house raising will significantly alter the existing landscape around the home, with heavy equipment being used and a major excavation being performed.
Then too, some people make use of a house raising Highlands NJ and house lifting Highlands NJ to incorporate other longed-for home improvements, such as adding on another room, or some kind of remodeling. While these may boost the price tag on the project significantly, they will also add considerable resale value to the home in the event of a future selling of a home that has undergone house elevation Highlands NJ.

While the cost of a house raising Monmouth county NJ may seem exorbitant, much of that cost can be defrayed by subsidies from local government agencies which have a keen interest in preventing rampant damage to communities. Here is a LINK to our page on the New Jersey RREM Program. Even federal assistance can sometimes be made available through the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), which exists to help victims recover from disasters like the one which hit the New Jersey shoreline in October of 2012. Whatever the ultimate cost might be, it will be considerably less than the total loss which some unfortunate homeowners suffered in the monster storm called Sandy.

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