Contractor Specializing in RREM Pathway B

As many of you may already know, the U.S. government has decided that Pathway B is the only path remaining in the RREM program. This option leaves the homeowner to choose the contractor of their choice. When choosing a contractor there are many things you need to be aware of and handful of questions you should be asking the contractor during your interviewing process. We listed 4 of these questions below along with our response.

  1. How many RREM projects has the company completed?

    McEvoy Homes has completed over 25 RREM projects along the Jersey Shore, with over 20 projects over 90% near completion.

  2. What was your company's past history before the RREM Pathway B started in New Jersey?

    McEvoy Homes was building and renovating homes in the New Jersey coastal flood plain prior to the onslaught of Super Storm Sandy. This prior experience has given first hand knowledge on the local flood zone issues in New Jersey.

  3. How many how many total turnkey house elevation projects has your team worked on over the years?

    McEvoy Homes and its' affiliates have completed over 200 house elevation projects with many of them being turn key home elevation projects.

More reasons that qualify McEvoy Homes as the leading Contractor specializing in RREM Pathway B, Turnkey Home Elevation and Home Builder:

  • McEvoy Homes has an extensive knowledge of the RREM Program. We understand the complex award calculation process which includes your WIP (Work in Progress) - ECR ( Estimated Cost of Repair) and your DOB (Duplication of Benefits) along with NFIP insurance rules, ICC - working with you to gain access to this possible additional grant, gap long-term recovery groups and ADA programs.
    In other words, we will look at all aspects of your grant award to help you get the proper grant award based on your project!

  • McEvoy will handle all of your scope changes with your RREM, you are allowed two. Once your house has gone through engineering and design, we can submit scope changes to your product manager requesting the additional funds. There is a process to this and we know it thoroughly.

  • The REM grant has two purposes one it bridges between your NFIB flood claim in the construction and two it states the elevation needed to mitigate your home properly. Many times we have found that one or both of these have been calculated incorrectly thus affecting the overall grant award.

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