RREM Pathway Construction Estimate

House Elevation Process When You Call McEvoy Homes

When you call McEvoy Homes for a bid or proposal for your home elevation project you will be contacted by a member of our team to set up an appointment for us to come out and do an initial assessment of your structure type:

  1. slab home
  2. peer and beam
  3. combo slab
  4. beam block house etc.

At that point we will determine what the next step is. In most cases it will be a foundation investigation of your property. One of our trained team members will do a full investigation of your structure. We will gain access to your crawlspace and check all your floor’s joists, drop beams, interior columns, sill plates, mechanicals existing under the home, verify the dimensions of the home dig and check footings. If it is a slab separation we will go in the interior and measure the entire first floor and know all of the existing conditions within the home. We will also talk with you about your ideas of how you would like your home to look and additional work that you would like to perform on the house during the elevation project. This information is brought back to our design and engineering department who will check our field measurements against your ECR and to allow us to build our proposal.

During the estimating process we will review your ECR, come up with an home elevation proposal, and will also take any notes back to you, the homeowner, regarding any missing items that RREM may have missed in their ECR, which would affect the overall grant.

We will then meet with you and review the proposal in person and ask for your input on work scope notes, staircases, final design, etc. If needed we will go back and redesign and rebid the project as needed per the meeting.

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RREM Pathway Steps


Review the actions below, then fill out and submit the questionnaire.


A team representative
will contact you to review your questionnaire.


An in-office meeting will be scheduled to review your situation.


A construction plan will be proposed & reviewed.

After applying for insurance claim, grants and loans (RREM, HMGP, etc.):

  1. For RREM program NJ recipients you must choose between RREM PATHWAY B (Freedom to select your own contractors) or RREM PATHWAY C (Use government appointed contractors).
  2. Determine if your mortgage company is in possession of your flood insurance funds.
  3. Determine if your house should be lifted or demolished.
  4. Obtain a current elevation certificate.
  5. Obtain a survey.
  6. Determine your lot size.
  7. Determine if your house is on city sewer and water.
  8. Determine if you have a septic system or water well.
  9. Determine if your gas service line is removed all the way to the street, or if it’s still hooked up.
  10. Determine if your electric service wires have been disconnected from your home
  11. Determine if you are building a new home, or renovating your existing home.
  12. If new home construction, determine how many square feet you are considering.

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