RREM Program in NJ

What is the RREM Program NJ?

The Homeowner Reconstruction, Rehabilitation, Elevation and Mitigation | RREM Program in New Jersey dispenses up
to $150,000 in RREM Program NJ grant funding assistance to eligible New Jersey homeowners. The RREM Program in NJ will distribute funds to help home owners restore their primary residence damaged by Superstorm Sandy. The RREM program in NJ was developed for the homeowner to work with a pre-qualified FEMA compliant RREM contractor to undertake the construction. New Jersey will conduct federally-required reviews, including environmental clearances.

Whom is Eligible for the RREM Program New Jersey?

Qualified homes must have been owner occupied primary residences at the time of the storm. Homeowners must have registered with FEMA and FEMA compliant contractor. The RREM program in New Jersey will serve households with adjusted household incomes less than $250,000. Applicants will be processed on a first received, first evaluated basis. Qualified residences must be located in one of the nine most impacted and distressed counties (Atlantic County, Bergen County, Cape May, Essex, Hudson, Middlesex County NJ, Monmouth County NJ and Ocean County NJ), and will be ranked and ordered based on the degree of sustained damages, per RREM program NJ guidelines.

What Will the RREM program NJ actually Fund?

Awards are limited to a per household benefit of up to $150,000 (based on the degree of damage). Funding can be used for eligible costs for rehabilitation, reconstruction, demolition (incidental to reconstruction), elevation and storm mitigation as determined by the State Department of Community Affairs and its approved rrem contractors. New Jersey must subtract from the award any duplication of benefits, which includes funds received by the homeowner for rebuilding from other sources such as insurance, FEMA and SBA.

How To Apply to the RREM Program in New Jersey:

The Department of Community Affairs will be posting on its website follow-up outreach events and information coordinated through a Superstorm Sandy Housing Incentive Program (SSHIP) manager. This SSHIP manager will establish intake centers in each of the nine most impacted new jersey counties along with website intake, phone and remote assistance. The SSHIP manager will assign a case worker to direct and guide homeowners through the RREM approval, construction and funding process.

Which Documents might I need for the RREM Program NJ Application?

For homeowners seeking RREM Program NJ funding assistance, the following documents may be required. The homeowner’s ability to prepare any of the following documentation will dramatically assist in expediting the approval process. Documentation of Disaster Recovery Compensation received (Examples of these funds may
include but are not limited to:

  • FEMA payments for structural damage
  • USDA loans and/or SBA loans
  • National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) and other Insurance Payments

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