Selecting a House Lifting Contractor

McEvoy Homes has sought out one of the most successful and well known house lifting companies in the nation to work alongside with us. Our house lifting NJ program takes you from concept to completion, safely, properly and in very little time. Through a combination of a great partnership and over 20 years of masonry and excavation experience, we have developed an extremely efficient and successful house lifting program to support our clients needs.

  • Turn key house lifting
  • RREM approved house lifter
  • Unified jacking system is approved for house lifting in NJ by all municipalities

For New Jersey residents, having to select a house lifting nj contractor is a tough and strange position to be in. However, It is a very small industry in NJ, while in other parts of the country it is flourishing. Unfortunately, New Jersey residents as well as most contractors, have very little knowledge in this area of construction. As a result of Hurricane Sandy changing the shoreline, house raising NJ is in high demand.

House Lifting NJ

We listed a few things anyone considering raising their home should consider or know.

  1. Is it worth raising my home? Although you will not lose any FEMA funding for not raising your home, you should expect your insurance premiums to increase significantly. Regulations are always changing so we recommend that you get quotes from your agent. In the past insurance rates were drastically reduced for homes meeting the required elevations and even further reduced for those that surpassed the required height. McEvoy Homes always raises their homes 2-4 feet higher than the Base Flood Elevation Height, which also helps protect you from future Base Flood Elevation Height changes. Again, speak to your insurance representative to analyze your situation and determine what is best for your house lifting nj.
  2. Is your contractor experienced and qualified? Is your contractor experienced and qualified? Is your contractor experienced and qualified? Hiring an inexperienced or under qualified house lifting NJ contractor can be a disaster, literally! In July 2013 a house being lifted was dropped and destroyed in Highlands, NJ. This has started to become an unfortunate occurrence throughout the Jersey Shore as minimally experienced and/or qualified contractors come to our communities.
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  3. How many years experience does the contractor have raising homes?

McEvoy Homes wants to do what is best for the people. So we found the industry experts and let them do what they do best. Yes, we researched and sought out the countries leading house lifting company to work with us. We have earned their trust and have become the primary authorized contractor for their services. Homeowners now can rest easy, having the assurance of the nations leading house lifting NJ company and the local reliability of McEvoy Homes on their side.

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