New Home Construction in a Flood Zone

The process of building quality living spaces continues with a deep appreciation of how people live in their homes. We believe in creating better designed homes that reflect your personality and enrich your lifestyle. Our homes combine formal and casual elements, intuitive features and inspired amenities-all coming together to perfectly serve your needs. Combining these values along with your specific needs and adapting them to Various federal, state and local compliance requirements, is what makes McEvoy Homes the right choice!

McEvoy Homes has the unique ability to navigate the many questions, concerns, issues and barriers that arise in the construction of flood zone communities. We have experience in dealing with FEMA compliance issues and developing FEMA compliance strategies for waterfront homes in your community. We have been doing it for many years well before Hurricane Sandy arrived. Let our professional and highly trained team visit your new home site and join you to determine what is needed to build your new dream home.

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